We take appointment of KOUYA Service every Thursdays 12-8pm, Fridays 12-8pm and Sundays 10-6pm.


To make an appointment, please fill out the right column and include date/time for your appointment and details of items you are bringing. We will respond to confirm your appointment. 


Please read PRICES and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS before you make the appointment. 


If you would like to know more about fermenting indigo dye or have specific questions, we highly recommend to take one of our intro classes or visit our studio during the open studio hours. Due to the increased number of inquiries, we may not be able to respond to individual questions promptly. 


If you are a designer / brand owner who would like to order our dye service, please email us at info <at> buaisou-i <dot> com.







Dyeing service for fabric is calculated by weight of item. Minimum is $30 per person per session/order.

Price may vary depending on the tye of fabric, how well it takes dye.


(1 gram = approx. 0.035 oz) 


Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Tencel:  $0.40/g


Silk or Wool 10-49%: $0.45/g

Silk or Wool 50-100%: $0.50/g


Washing & full after treatment (optional): $0.05/g with minimum $10 per order


Canvas Sneakers

$120 per pair 



Dyeing service for wood is calculated by the sum of length + width + depth. 

Only un-coated, natural wood can be dyed. Please note dyeing may cause cracks and skews to wood pieces. 

(1cm = approx. 0.39 inch) 


Up to 15cm: $5.00

Up to 30cm: $12.00

Up to 45cm: $21.00

Up to 60cm: $32.00

Over 60cm: To be estimated


For natural oil coating (optional)

Up to 30cm: $3.00

Up to 60cm: $5.00

Over 60cm: To be estimated



$0.40/g with minimum $10 per piece


Dyeing can make leather stiff. We recommend it only for those who are familiar with how to treat leather afterwards. 


*For any material, prices stay same for all shades / dips. Extra charge may apply for extra dark shades, depending condition of vat. 




Price Reference

Left Field Tube T

Size: Small

Weight: 153g

Price: $61.2

Vintage Hanes T-shirs

Size Medium

Weight: 112g

Price: $44.8

Cotton Shirt

Size: Women's Small

Weight: 215g

Price: $86

Levis 505 Vintage Jeans

Size: L30, W30

Weight: 668g

Price: $267.2






If you are not able to come to our Brooklyn studio, please ship your items to us. We will dye and ship them back to you. 


Please inquire by emailing to workshop <at> buaisoubrooklyn <dot> com.






An typical indigo dyer by Katsushika Hokusai (1824)





Our fermented indigo vats have strict limitations of how much we can dye per day to keep the vat healthy and give it a long life. The color shade we can achieve depends on the condition of vats, which changes every day.


Prices stay the same for all shades / dips. Extra charge may apply for extra dark shades. 


You can either dye by yourself or leave your items with us. No previous dyeing experience is necessary to do it by yourself. No extra cost for drop-offs. 


Cotton and linen are most suited for the fermented indigo vat. 


No synthetic fabric, except for rayon and tencel can be dyed. 


Threads are made of nyron for most of contemporary clothings. Nyron threads remain white or light blue. 


For natural and synthetic mix fabric, only natural yarn get dye and  make marble-like effect for most cases. Dyeing charge still be by the entire weight of the item. 


Old, worn fabrics normally take dye better. Please make sure to clean them well before your bring. 


For brand-new garment and fabric, we recommend to rinse them in hot water before you bring.


Un-coated animal bones can also be dyed. Porcelains or clays cannot be dyed. 



(for fabrics) 



After your items are dyed, please follow this treatment at home. 


1. Rinse the garment with cold water, at least, three times. (Until dark blue water stops coming out).


2. Soak it in hot water over night. Water should be approx. 175 – 195 F ---- the hottest you can get from the tap. You do not need to boil water. Water gets cold over night, of course, and it is OK.


3. Next morning, rinse the garment in cold water three times again. Wash it with a tiny amount of detergent and rinse well.


4. Dry naturally.





These treatments are not a must but give indigo garments extra protection to maintain color.


1. Vinegar Water Treatment


Mix one teaspoon of white vinegar into approx. 10 litter of cold water. Soak your indigo items in the vinegar water for 15 mins. Rinse well. 


2. Soy Powder Water Treatment


Mix 30-35g of soy bean powder into 10 litter of cold water and stir well. Wait overnight until the powder sits on the bottom. Slowly skim top clear water into another container. Plunge your indigo item in the clear water. Do not rinse. Just dry naturally. 


*We provide these full after treatment with $0.05/g with minimum $10 per order. 






Indigo color may fade from wearing or using the items. For the first few times, please hand wash your indigo dyed products in warm water with detergent that does not contain fluorescent whitening agent (bleach).


When hand washing, you may notice the water turning a yellow-brownish color. This is from the scum particles, which were contained in the indigo vat, being washed away from the fabric. The more you wash your garment or product, the more scum is removed and the indigo blue becomes purer.


For home decoration items such as tapestries or Japanese noren (shop curtains), please hand wash them in warm water at least once a year to ensure the scum washes away. 


Our 100% natural indigo items can be washed together with garments of other colors without staining them; this includes white clothes. The indigo color may migrate to other items when rubbed intensely while being used, however, the indigo color won’t stain the other fabric, so it can be cleaned by simple washing. The more you wash over time, the more the natural indigo products will become more luminous 

and textured.


We hope you enjoy using our indigo products for a long time, and age it to be your own special piece.